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Wallace State Adult Eduction

The Adult Education program is a nonprofit program to assist individuals who have discontinued public education enrollment or who did not have a high school diploma when their high school class graduated. Adults who need to improve academic skills for work or college enrollment as well as gain basic job skills for employment purposes are also eligible to enroll. Today most jobs and postsecondary education programs require a high school diploma or equivalent to enroll. Classes are offered FREE OF CHARGE on the Wallace State campus and at affiliated sites throughout Cullman, Blount, Morgan, and Winston counties. 

18 years and older


Wallace State offers these Adult Education services both in class and online:

  • Academic Assessment: All adult education students will be administered a nationally recognized    standardized assessment to determine academic strengths and weaknesses. Results will also be used by the teacher to develop the student's individualized instructional plan.

  • Adult Basic Education Classes: Reading, writing, and computing mathematically for learners functioning at or below the 8.9 grade equivalency.

  • Transition Programs: Instruction specifically designed to prepare adult learners to enter postsecondary education, higher education, training programs, and/or to improve their employability.

  • GED Preparation Classes: Reading, writing, computing mathematically, social studies, science, literature, and the arts for learners functioning at the 9.0 –12.9 grade equivalency to prepare them to earn the State of Alabama High School Equivalency Diploma.

  • College Preparatory Classes: Remedial instruction in the areas of reading, writing, and computing mathematically that is designed to prepare learners who are high school graduates, but performing below the 12.9 grade equivalency.

  • Workplace Education: Workplace education programs shall provide the opportunity to build the capacity for the teaching of literacy skills in the technologically sophisticated workplace.

  • English Literacy/Civics Education Classes: Classes providing integrated English literacy and civics education services to immigrants and other limited English proficient populations so that they may effectively participate in the education, work, and civic opportunities of this country.

FREE English as a Second Language (ESL) and English Language Learner (ELL) Classes are also available.

Quality of INstruction

The Wallace State Adult Education program uses up-to-date, high quality, and high tech study materials. Labs are equipped with state-of-the-art computers and learning software to help students achieve goals. The instructors are experienced professionals dedicated to helping students succeed. 

Free Materials

All classes and materials are free. The program is funded through federal, state, and local grants and operates under the guidelines of the Alabama Community College System/Adult Education Division and the Office of Vocational and Adult Education. Therefore, materials, classroom supplies, and instructors are provided to students at no cost. 

Class Times and Locations

Classes are offered day and evening on campus at WSCC and off campus at work sites, career centers, churches, public service agencies, correctional facilities, and rehabilitation centers throughout Cullman, Blount, southeastern Morgan, and Winston counties. 


Students must be at least 17 years old and not enrolled in a K-12 program to register with the Adult Education Program. This program offers open enrollment throughout the year. Orientation is offered several times throughout each week, and is required to start the program. 

Get started today! Call 256-352-8078 or toll free 1-866-350-9722 ext. 8078 to sign up for an orientation center and classes near you. 

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16- and 17-year-old students

Steps to apply

Effective November 2022:  All documentation for 16- and 17-year-olds must be submitted through this application form:

Step 1

  • Create an account at before turning in any documentation. GED accounts are how Age Waivers are granted through ACCS.
  • If the student has multiple accounts, students must call GED Testing Service to have all accounts merged – 877-392-6433.  Merging accounts can take 7-10 business days, so call soon!

Step 2

If you have questions about the process, please contact Ms. Juanita Hill, (256-)352-8078 or  If you need help with the online form, please set up a time with Ms. Hill to help you complete the form.  If you need help uploading your documents, Ms. Hill can assist you with this.


Specific requirements for students, 16 and 17 years of age, who wish to enroll in a GED class or to take the GED test.

Parent or Guardian must provide:

  1. Proof of Residency
    1. Alabama ID card, Alabama driver’s license, or permit
    2. Student photo ID from a private or public Alabama high school
  2. Parent or Guardian Permission
  3. Proof of Withdrawal from Public, Private or Homeschool
  4. Test Scores (age 16 only)

Email for acceptable ID questions.

Examples of Proof of Withdrawal

  • Exit Interview Form from Alabama high school
  • Withdrawal Form from Private/Church School
  • Parent Permission Form (All Parent/Guardian Permission forms must be notarized.)

Notarized and signed letter from parent or legal guardian that includes: 

  • Name of former school
  • Dropout/withdrawal date
  • Statement indicating that the student has dropped out of school (or completed coursework), and has permission to take the GED Test

TEst Scores

Test Scores (16 years old only)

16-year-olds must prove that they can pass the GED test by taking either:

GED Ready Math and Reasoning through Language Arts practice tests - Student must score 145 or higher on both tests to be permitted to take the real GED test. ($6 per test through


Test of Adult Basic Education (TABE) Math, Reading, and Language Arts (through Wallace State Adult Education program) FREE at Wallace State Adult Education program – Student must achieve a score of ASE low, level 5, on Math, Reading, and Language Arts to be eligible for Age waiver.

Create an account at before turning in any documentation.  GED accounts are how Age Waivers are granted through ACCS.

Age 16 – Withdrawal from Non-Public School

  • Proof of Alabama Residency
  • Proof of Withdrawal
  • Test Scores
  • Notarized Parent Permission

Withdrawal from School

Age 17 – Withdrawal from Public School

Proof of Alabama Residency

Notarized Parent Permission OR Exit Interview Form

Age 17 – Withdrawal from Non-Public School

Proof of Alabama residency

Notarized Parent Permission OR Proof of Withdrawal

Court Orders

Students who are court-ordered to enroll in GED classes.

  • No ID is required
  • No proof of residency is required
  • Provide a copy of the Court Order to Adult Education program.


Program Overview

Adult Education - GED Classes

Degrees/Awards Offered


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  • Online