What is the WorkKeys Assessment?

It is a national system developed by ACT in order to document and improve workplace skills. This comprehensive system helps individuals, businesses, educators, and policymakers make informed decisions to improve the overall quality of America’s workforce. WorkKeys measures skills that employers believe are critical to job success.

Businesses use the assessments to measure the skills of current and prospective employees and to compare their scores to job profile requirements when making hiring, promotion, and training decisions. Students can use their test results to gain an advantage with the growing number of employers who accept or require WorkKeys scores.

What are the benefits for students?

The WorkKeys assessment will allow you to:

  • Understand employers’ requirements for job performance;
  • Develop specific skills needed by local employers;
  • Rank above other job applicants who have not demonstrated needed skills;
  • Take advantage of better skills to get better entry-level salaries;
  • Use WorkKeys reports as concrete proof of skills achieved.

What assessments are required?

Wallace State requires that all technical students score at least a 3 on each of the Applied Mathematics, Locating Information, and Reading for Information assessments prior to graduation.

How are the assessments scored?

The scores for the WorkKeys assessment range from less than 3 to 7 on the Applied Math and Reading for Information Assessments. The Locating Information assessment ranges from less than 3 to 6. A score of less than 3 on any of the assessments will not satisfy completion requirements for WKO/RTW.

How can I prepare for the WorkKeys Assessment?

You can take a practice online test for WorkKeys. Please email for more information.

What can I expect on the WorkKeys Assessment?

The following pages will provide you with information on the characteristics of each item contained in the WorkKeys Assessment and the skill requirements for each level of competency.

Applied Mathematics

Computer or Paper and Pencil/ Multiple Choice Response                           33 Items

55 Minutes (Computer)