Intramural Sports

Intramural competition is provided for the student body through student activities. Some areas of intramural competition include basketball, softball, volleyball, tennis, table games, flag football, wallyball, and other activities as demand justifies. 

Fall Sports

Flag Football

Location: Soccer Field, Monday afternoons

Season; 5 vs. 5

Play Begins Sept. 9

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Deadline: Sept. 4


Location: Wellness Center Gym, Tuesday afternoons

Season; 6 vs. 6

Play Begins Sept. 19

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Deadline: Sept. 4


Location: Wellness Center Gym, Wednesday afternoons

Season; Doubles Format

Play begins Sept. 25

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Deadline: Sept. 18


Location: Soccer Field, Monday afternoons

Season; 2 vs. 2 

Play begins Oct. 7

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Deadline: Oct. 2


Ping Pong

Location: Student Center

Tournament; Singles

Play Begins Sept. 18

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Deadline: Sept. 12


Location: Tennis Court

Tournament; Singles and Doubles

Play Begins Sept. 25

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Deadline: Sept. 19


Spring Sports


Location: Wellness Center Gym 

Season - 5 vs. 5
Begins 2/26, Mondays after 2:30PM
Deadline 2/28


Location: Wellness Center Gym 

Season - 5 vs. 5
Begins 2/27, Tuesdays after 2:30PM
Deadline 2/21

Indoor Soccer

Location: Wellness Center Gym 

Season - 5 vs. 5
Begins 1/22, Mondays after 2:30PM
Deadline Check back


Location: Wellness Center Dan York Practice Facility 

Season - 4 vs. 4
Begins 1/23, Tuesdays after 2:30PM
Deadline 1/17


Location: Student Center

Tournament Style Deadline 2/1

Disc Golf

Location: WSCC Disc Golf Course

Tournament Style Deadline 3/1

Volleyball (Grass Court)

Location: Soccer Field behind Wellness Center

Season - 4 vs. 4 Deadline 3/14



Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, the Fall Semester sports offered are Flag Football, Indoor Volleyball, Pickleball, and Spikeball, Tennis, and Ping Pong. For the Spring Semester, sports offered are Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Wallyball, Wiffleball, Disc Golf, and Billiards/Pool. Other single day events are offered at various times such as kickball, softball, and cornhole. Other sports may be added as needed/requested.

Any student currently enrolled in classes at Wallace State. Faculty and Staff members of Wallace State are also eligible to participate.

Each sport plays on one set day per week, usually for 5-6 weeks, followed by an end of season tournament. Each sport essentially takes up about 1-2 hours per week.

For Team Sports (Flag Football, Indoor Volleyball, Pickleball, Spikeball, Basketball, Indoor Soccer, Wallyball, and Wiffle Ball), times typically range from 3pm-6pm. You/your team will receive a weekly schedule at the beginning of the season. For Individual/Dual Sports (Tennis, Ping Pong, Disc Golf, and Billiards/Pool), the games are played on a day/time that is agreed upon by each player of that round.

No. Intramural Sports are offered for free to students at Wallace State.

Complete the registration form. If you are the team captain/team organizer, you will register with your information and list the other names of players on your team. Register here

Since each sport is played on a different day of the week, you can play as many sports as you want. You may only be on one team per sport.

If you do not have a team, you may sign up as a “Free Agent” and will be placed on a team.

Usually teams do not practice. However, teams may choose to do so if they’d like.

An Intramural Champions T-Shirt is made for each semester. Winners of sports for that semester will receive a shirt of their size at the semester’s end. If you participate in multiple sports and win multiple championships, you will get a special intramural sports item in addition to your championship shirt (IM Sports Sweatshirt, baseball cap, etc.).


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